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Coffee is our passion at APTE

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We have a great relationship with our roasters at 5-Senses who roast to our specifications.

At APTE we have three different blends; our house blend, which works best with milk due to its smooth and strong characteristics, our espresso blends, best enjoyed black to appreciate their sweet and subtle qualities, and finally our de-cafe which is SWISS WATER® Fairtrade organic and displays rich chocolate and caramel characters.

Each cup at APTE is ground to order to ensure you recieve the freshest and tastiest coffee every time.

Coffee is something to behold at apte with the team of baristas specially selecting the best coffee beans from around the world in their search of the holy grail to produce the perfect cup of coffee. Our special blend which is used with milk is a combination of carefully selected beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya. Together with the tireless efforts of the team at 5 Senses in formulating a blend which not only tantalises the palate but satisifies all those coffee lovers is something we are most proud of.

Each of our single origins which are best enjoyed black, are only used when the beans are at their peak. It is for this reason that you will see a constant change of different single origins.

At present our two single origins, including a brief description of the country and tasting notes are:

Colombian Huila:

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila Department, Middle Zone, San Augustin tropical regions.
Altitude: Shade grown at 1,500-1,800 masl
Drying Process: Sun dried on sheltered patios
Crop: 2009
Processing: Wet

Colombia is a country of contrasts, with both snow covered peaks and tropical regions. Dominated by three Andean ranges and two major rivers, teh Cauca and Magdalena, which run through the valleys on either side of the Central Cordillera,  Colombia is divided by mountains into three major regions: the  highland core, the  coastal lowlands and the eastern plains. With a population of approximately 35 million, about 70% reside in the cities with the balance living in rural areas. Colombia's Andean region is the most densely populated, comprising 75% of the total.

Tasting Notes

Delicate, sweet toned ac idity and dry woody aroma. Hints of mandarin, green apple and lemon tea. Smooth mouthfeel, medium body. Light and sweet through milk - balanced acidity through black.


Cosa Rican, Tarrazu

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Dota County
Altitude: Shade grown at 1,500- 1900 masl
Estate/Farm/Group: Coopedota
Processing: Wet (Washed)
Varietal: Arabica, Typica - Caturra, Catuai

Travel due south of Jan Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, and you will find the majestic mountains of Tarrazu. Sheltered between the Pacific Coast, the Central Valley and the high peaks of the coutnry's central mountain range, Tarrazu is one of the worlds most famous coffee growing regions. This magnificent area,fondly known as the Area of the Saints, is condidered to yeild the most superb Striclty Hard Bean coffees in Costa Rica.

The rich volcanic soil, high altitude and combination of sunlight, temperature and precipitation all conspire to produce an exceptional coffee. The coffee growers of Dota are represented by a co-operative association governed by statutes dictated by an administrative coucil that represents 750 associates. Founded in 1960 by 96 members, this co-operative has now modernised its production processes and increased its membership by increasing the quantity of coffee producted each year.

Tasting Notes

Sweet citrus notes, gentle, smooth mouthfeel and moderate body. Underipe fruity flavours, with a touch of roasted toffee nut.


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